Case Studies

Customer A:

"Clutch" - A leading clutch manufacturer asked Sydax to work on a new-product development team. The customer and Sydax held intensive brainstorming sessions so Sydax could clearly understand the customer's needs and wants for the new product. The end result of the project was a patented new clutch design that provides a longer life span and higher torque capabilities than current clutch designs on the market. The customer's sales of this product exceeded expectations and remarkably boosted their profitability.

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Customer B:

"Power Inverter Panel Layout" - A customer contacted Sydax to help them lay out the electrical components in a power inverter panel enclosure in order to receive UL certification. This particular panel is used for converting wind energy to household electricity. Excess power is fed back to the electrical utility company. The layout of the panel is very important as parts must be spaced far enough apart to 1) provide adequate airflow around the components to dissipate the heat and 2) eliminate arcing and/or high and low voltage interference. Sydax also designed the sheet metal brackets in the panel that separates and shields the various component layers.

Customer C:

"Log Splitter" - Traditional wood splitting wedges cannot provide higher operation speed without compromising safety. A customer asked Sydax to design and build a log splitter that could provide higher speed at a lower cost and was safer to use. Deeply involved in the project from original concept design to final manufactured product, Sydax developed an all-new hydraulically driven wedge design that provided the safety and performance the customer was looking for.