About Us

Sydax is in business to find solutions to your technical problems, no matter how big or small. We thrive on the challenge of problem solving and are committed to solving your problems.

Founded in 2003 by Thomas M Jagger (LinkedIn Profile), Sydax Corporation is a one-stop resource for a wide variety of product improvement engineering services. Mr. Jagger has over 20 years experience in all facets of product development including: Design Engineering, CAD expertise, Project Engineering & Management, Material Selection, Process Engineering and Management, Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Plant Machinery proficiency.

Sydax is able to take your company from the idea stage to the product creation stage or any part of the product development process including:

  • Idea
  • Formulate concept
  • Team brainstorming on initial concept
  • Improvement on design
  • Design Drawings
  • Develop Prototype
  • Prototype Testing
  • Team Reevaluation of Design
  • Assist and support manufacturing plan
  • Manufacturing test run
  • Release to production

The phrase that Mr. Jagger likes to use, that best describes what Sydax does, is "WE LIKE to solve problems that improve products." If your company is working to improve or develop a product, you need the kind of determination Sydax brings to the team, to help get your product developed.

Our niche is with companies that want to improve their product between the initial ideas to the final product creation. Call us - we want to be part of your team!